All about the kimono

Other / Thursday, October 28th, 2021

The kimono is one of the traditional Japanese clothes. This type of clothing can now be found all over the world. Having heard about this outfit, you decided to know more about it. Read this guide and you will get the necessary information about such a garment.

A kimono: what is it?

The topic kimono literally means a "thing to wear". Talking about kimono will consist in referring to the Japanese way of dressing. Indeed, kimono is the dominant category of clothing styles in the Japanese territory. Kimono is a straight dress designed in the shape of a T. When putting on this outfit, be sure that they are hem will come to your ankle. This garment has attached collars and is sewn with long, wide sleeves. If you are wearing a kimono, make sure you have worn traditional shoes and socks with split ends. Every kimono is wrapped around the wearer's body. The left side of the garment is always above the right side. Women are the ones who wear the kimono most often. Nowadays, it is rare to see men in this outfit. Men only wear it for weddings, ceremonies and other special occasions. For more details about the kimono, please visit our website

How to wear a kimono?

You have just had a conceptual clarification of the kimono. After purchasing such a garment, it is urgent to know how to wear it. Wearing the kimono is a whole art activity. A proper and appropriate procedure for wearing the kimono is as follows: - Put on a nice pair of traditional shoes followed by white socks - Put on a petticoat and a thin top made of cotton under your underwear - Put on a dress made of light fabric so that the sweat does not touch your kimono - Put a cotton belt under the chest - Now put on your kimono while taking care to center it on your body - Cross the two sides of your kimono by putting always the left side on the right side - Attach a second belt on your kimono to keep it in place