Discovering medical flights and air ambulances, dedicated to COVID-19

Other / Friday, September 10th, 2021

It is regularly observed that land ambulances are faced with various obstacles such as traffic jams and others that delay treatment, and cause loss of human life. For some time now, there have been providers who offer medical air evacuations in several countries on all continents, specifically COVID-19. This is an innovation in the emergency medical field. Let's take a look at what medical options are available.

What does medical flight consist of?

Medical flights involve transporting a person in need of appropriate care, operating 24/7. The staff is from the medical profession and is well organized. The plane is also equipped with the care materials that allow it to take care of the patient as soon as he is admitted in the plane. The aircraft also serve as an ambulance for some commercial airlines. To learn more about your options, click this over here now. When it comes to air ambulance, helicopters are the most commonly used means of transportation for medical repatriation. Whether it is within France or internationally. Moreover, with the air ambulance, it is possible to make medical tourism, to transport organs to hospitals, coffins and others. For patients infected with the coronavirus, this is an excellent initiative.

What are the benefits of an air ambulance for COVID-19

In this time of pandemic, an airplane specially primed to receive COVID-19 patients, is ideal. An air ambulance not only facilitates the rapid care of the patient, but also considerably reduces the risk of contamination. By air, the risk of contagion is limited, because few people are in contact with the patient. Better still, the agents are well trained and take every precaution to avoid being infected. As a result, the patient entrusted to the experts, follows the first quality care. The patient also feels confident and is not discriminated against. The preliminary care is therefore urgent, safe and in all areas.