Facebook agrees to restore news content in Australia

After last week's ban of news on their platform in Australia, Facebook, and the Australian government seems to have an agreement. It is expected that news sharing will return soon in Australia 

Facebook to  lift news ban in Australia

Facebook has said it will lift its suspension of news sharing to users in Australia. The tech firm has blocked news to the Australian public via his platform since last Friday reacting to the government law which will allow it and Google Pay some fees for publishing news content. 

Australian financial officer Josh Frydenberg has told reporters that the news pages will be restored very soon. He also said there will be noticeable amendments to the laws. There have been several accusations and counter-accusation from both the government and Facebook. 

While the Australian leader has labeled Facebook as 'autocratic', Facebook said the fees they were asked to pay were ridiculous. But it seems they have come to a sort of agreement now with Facebook saying that there have been recent discussions and assurances were made.

'' The Australian government has assured us of a commitment to resolve the issue. We won't succumb to forced agreements,'' stated Campbell Brown, Facebook chieftain in Australia. 

Facebook says it was 'misunderstood', promises more clarity

The agreement seems to allow Facebook to decide what publishers it wants which may consist of small and indigenous publishers. Facebook has its product though which it pays publishers who display it. Australian new law mandates payment to websites for posting news on their website. The network company has said it was greatly misunderstood in how news is used on its platform.

Last week, Australians woke up to awe that can share news content on Facebook and lambasted the tech firm for its action. Across the world, Facebook has been facing various backlash for its handling of the issues and called an 'internet bully'.

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