How to choose your Kingsong brand Electric Monowheel ?

Other / Sunday, September 11th, 2022

The electric monowheel is a gyro-stabilized wheel, without handlebars and without controls. On an electric wheel, you therefore have your hands free, which reinforces the feeling of freedom in urban sliding journeys. Here is an article that explains how to choose your electric monowheel to help you make the right choice between the different manufacturers.

Take into account the diameter of the wheel

The principle of the electric gyro being to operate on a central wheel, the first element to be taken into account being the diameter of this wheel. For more information, go to this site. Most unicycles have 14 inch (about 35.5 cm) or 16 inch (40.6 cm) wheels. With these diameters you have a good compromise between maneuverability and stability of the device. You will also find smaller 10 or 12 inch wheels for greater responsiveness as well as larger 18 inch wheels for increased stability. In absolute terms, you should know that the width of the wheel is not essential. It is not because you opt for an 18-inch wheel that you will necessarily have better driving sensations.

Electric monowheel speed

The second important criterion in its choice of electric wheel is that of the speed and the power of the battery. In general, electric monowheels are equipped with a “brushless” motor (brushless). In the specific context of this type of machine, power is a main element because this is where the general nervousness of the wheel will come from, which is used to counterbalance the weight of the user. Engine power is also important for climbing hills. In general, the motor power is between 500 W and 1800 W. This translates into speeds between 18 and 25 km/h. This is more than enough for urban travel.

Autonomy of the electric unicycle

The third criterion of vigilance is autonomy. It depends on the battery, and is often expressed in ampere-hours (Ah) and volts. To compare the models, you only have to multiply these two data and you will then obtain watt hours (Wh). They correspond to the total energy stored in the machine. Battery life varies widely between models. It can range from 10 to 100 km. You should know that manufacturers often tend to overestimate it because they test it in the most optimal conditions (65 kg user on flat ground). In general, the larger a battery, the longer it lasts, but the longer it will take to recharge (between 1 and 3 hours). On average, a 130 Wh battery lasts a distance of about 10 km, a 340 Wh battery within 30 km and a 680 Wh battery nearly 60 km.

Consider Weight, Carry Handle, Safety and Equipment

The weight of your unicycle is also an important criterion. As you often have to carry it up or down stairs or in transport, you have to be aware of its weight. Generally, the weight of a wheel is between 10 and 20 kg. In terms of safety, most models are equipped with an automatic pedal lifting system when the user is leaning too far forward. This system is commonly called « tilt back » and it requires a minimum motor power of 500 W to activate. So do not opt for models without this system. Because on an electric wheel, a motor that cuts out suddenly means a guaranteed fall. You can also be vigilant about other equipment such as the grips of the footrests or the comfort of the protections of the central part of the wheel. Indeed, as your calves are stressed on the ends of the unicycle, it is useful to benefit from good reinforcements.