How to decorate your living room?

Other / Friday, December 10th, 2021


The decoration of the living room is very different from the other rooms in the house. As a reception area par excellence, it should be as warm and friendly as possible. This requires careful and strategic decoration. This is certainly the reason why most people turn to professionals for the decoration of their living room. Don't panic, if you don't have the means, follow the guide.

Focus on colours

You don't need to be a professional to know that colours have the power to brighten up a room. Of course, it's not about creating an artistic or festival decoration. The colour mix should be consistent and sober. To get an idea of how to choose colours, read this article before you start. A colourful room is a warm room, a room where it feels good to live. So go ahead and let your creativity shine through. 

Avoid weighing down the room

Contrary to what most people think, too much furniture is not a decorative asset. On the contrary, it weighs down the room and the result leaves much to be desired. Focus on the essentials, notably the TV stand, a bookcase and other small knick-knacks. Avoid sturdy, bulky furniture. Opt for ergonomic objects that are easy to store. This allows the room to be aired out, and it is important to give priority to the areas where people pass through. A room that is too busy is an uncomfortable room. Decorate your living room in such a way that you can move around freely.

Opt for a modern and up-to-date decoration

Decorating styles evolve with the times. Today's decorations favour the entry of light. Thanks to the large bay windows installed in recently built flats, rooms are bright and airy enough. Follow the trend and insulate the windows to maximise the amount of light coming in. Opt for sophisticated modern furniture and simple, trendy decorative objects.