How to plan until the wedding day?

Other / Sunday, November 28th, 2021

The organization of the wedding must be done according to a concise logic. And when we talk about logic, we emphasize planning that must be done months in advance. This planning must be done from the day of your engagement to the day of the wedding. This is called retro planning.

Planning to be done during the first 6 months

Start planning your wedding from the day you got engaged to your significant other. As a first step consider making your guest list in the month of your engagement which is the twelfth month. It is important to know the number of guests so you can budget accordingly. When there are only ten months left, try to select the caterer who will be in charge of the meals and drinks of the wedding. But to avoid the stress, you can opt for the services of a wedding planner. You will surely find one on paris wedding which puts at your disposal the best wedding planners ever. In the eighth month, you must imperatively prepare the religious ceremony. You must find a photographer afterwards.

The planning to do the remaining months

It is in the sixth month that you must decide to choose the matrimonial regime, which is a set of rules established by both spouses. In addition, the choice of the wedding dress is a capital rite in the custom of marriage and you must also comply with it. It is only afterwards that the choice of the groom's suit comes up as well as the planning of the honeymoon. When there are 4 months left, we advise you to go and choose the wedding vehicle. Start sharing the invitation cards that you have ordered at the same time as the thank you notes. It is in the third month that you will file your wedding file at the town hall. The decoration elements are also to be taken into account as well as the order of the wedding rings. With two months left, establish a beauty schedule and also go through a brief check of all the last details. The last month is the wedding month.