How to prevent nausea caused by kratom?

Other / Tuesday, April 27th, 2021

Abuse of anything is harmful. Despite the many therapeutic virtues of kratom, some varieties, due to several factors, cause undesirable effects. Among these effects is nausea, which can turn into vomiting. What can be done to prevent such discomforts? The elements of answer in the continuation of this article.

What to know about this plant?

These leaves come from plants cultivated in Southeast Asia and have many virtues. Benefits amplified by the multitude of categories (colour and producing countries) of kratom. For the majority of categories, the leaves bring vigour. But some varieties, if consumed without certain predispositions, cause stomach dysfunctions. This is the motivation for this article, the second part of which outlines the measures to be taken. Click on the link below for more details

Preventive measures against nausea caused by kratom

It is advisable to take in increments of quantity and gradually increase its dose. Make use of the digital scale to know the exact amount before consumption. The interval between two doses is set by specialists at 4 hours. In addition, do not suddenly change suppliers as the strength of the product may vary. The body absorbs the constituents (alkaloids) of kratom quite easily on an empty stomach. However, consumption on an empty stomach can lead to attacks in the stomach. Antacids, taken half an hour before consuming kratom, prevent stomach discomfort and help to release gas. It is also important to know that the kratom powder is a combination of chlorophyll, fibres and waxes... Elements that can contribute to genes. For this reason, it is advisable to prepare it as a tea. Finally, ginger's properties help to reduce the risk of nausea. It is therefore advisable to walk them regularly. You can also consume ginger-based sweets to have the same satisfaction. Take care of yourself!