How to process a passenger location form in some European countries

Other / Wednesday, February 16th, 2022

Traveling abroad is a whole process to follow in other to avoid having problems with the immigration officers. So, to travel to Europe and be free of eventual problems, you have to process a passenger location form. This article is to inform you on how to process a passenger location form.

Steps to process passenger location form in some European countries

As for people planning to travel to Italy, it is important that you complete your passenger location form fourteen days before arriving. A major principle in the PLF is a covid-19 test. Due to how this pandemic terrifies the whole world, precaution is to be taken. To know more, read this article on PLF.

Once the passenger location form is completed, the acquirer will receive a pdf format of the PLF and a QR code will be sent to his email address. This information is to be saved on the passengers’ smartphones when boarding. The form processing is an online registration on the country PLF platform. The acquirer just has to fill out the form by providing the required details. Some others details are to be provided and those have to do with the covid-19 test. Passenger most present a negative antigen test. The test must be done three days before the passengers travel to Italy. As for passengers from Uk and nearby countries, their test is to be done two days before their arrival in Italy. The vaccination card and green card are to be presented before entering the European countries.

Some reasons of process the passenger location form

These systems put in place by the countries is to ensure the safety of their citizens especially in this period of coronavirus pandemic that is treating the whole world. It’s also to put an order in the immigration line and to oversee people coming in and out of the country. The passenger has to process the PLF in order to avoid immigration problems and to enjoy the privileges of this process. This is advantageous to the both parties.