Softphone: what is it?

Other / Thursday, January 12th, 2023

Softphone is a software application that many people use for business purposes. It has a range of benefits that are important to know. What do you need to know about a softphone? We take stock here!

Softphone: what is it in concrete terms?

Softphone is a software created with the aim of making phone calls over the Internet. Indeed, this revolutionary application allows anyone using it to make calls from one computer to another. Better still, it can make it possible to make a computer-to-phone call. With this tool, the phone call becomes cheaper compared to the costs of traditional calls. For more details, get more info here. In addition, softphone software can also be used for file transfer, chat, video conferencing and more. Popular softphone software includes X-Lite and several other instant messaging models that have much the same features. Basically, these applications offer the possibility to make real-time calls when installed on the computer or smartphone. But to have a good call quality, it is recommended to have a good internet connection.

Softphone: what are the advantages?

Installing softphone software allows you to benefit from a number of advantages. It should be noted that most of these applications have free features. Any user can record conversations in progress and in real time if they want to. The interface of the software is intuitive and therefore more powerful than that of a mobile phone. Compared to the classic telephone system, the softphone is more practical, especially in terms of call costs. With the softphone software, the user can easily add peripherals such as a headset or mini conference octopus via USB. This leaves the user's hands free to continue working on the computer. This is why the application has become so popular. With the definition and benefits presented in this text, you now have the information to decide.