Swedish Court charges man with espionage acts for Russia

Other / Thursday, April 1st, 2021

The Swedish intelligence agency has arrested an unnamed man for spying for Russia. How it expects to get a maximum of six years according to Sweden laws. 

Russia spy nabbed in Sweden 

Sweden has charged a 48-year-old man for leaking information to the Russian government after several years serving as a diplomat. According to prosecuting counsel Mats Ljungqvist, the unnamed man was an employee for some Swedish firms where he illegally retrieved and sold data to Russia which has put Sweden's security at risk.

"He worked in many too Swedish firms to get materials which can put this nation in danger," he said.

'' He was arrested when he was meeting with his Russian contact and has already gotten about 32,000 Swedish crowns from the contact ''. 

The prosecution also alleged that the man sent some sensitive materials from his computer to his system and immediately saved them on his USB device. To avoid detection, he used a host of VPN to hide his location and acts.

Security breaches in Sweden soar over some years - Head of intelligence 

Ljungqvist believes that the man will get a huge sentence if found guilty. However, the highest he could get in Sweden for spying is six years. The nation's head of internal security, Daniel sterling said that security attacks from foreign nations to Sweden have increased over the years and the security agency will do a lot to stop it. 

He said they have uncovered various assassinations, planning, and intellectual theft which they are working to stop. This comes just days after Russia expelled two diplomats from the European nation for spying acts. This will deepen the trust issues between the European Union and the Russian government. While it is not yet clear when the man will be sentenced many are pointing fingers at the Kremlin.