What is a chatbot for ?

Other / Friday, December 10th, 2021

The evolution of technology has led to the simplification of human activities. Thus, it is now easier to respond to an entire audience on a network just based on the creations of the new technology, including the chatbot. Read in the following article what can be referred to as chatbot, its usefulness and its benefits.

The chatbot and its utility

Still called a conversational agent, the chatbot is a computer robot integrated to messaging systems to simulate human language in order to answer properly all the questions of the Internet users. To know more about it, pop over here. In fact, this program has received a lot of attention since 2016 and continues to be popular until today. Its role is to converse with anyone who has a query.
Thus, a chatbot's mission is to provide a solution to the interlocutors' concerns by discussing with them in writing or verbally. In general, chatbots can assist, advise, buy, inform, book, and build loyalty, by reacting to the most difficult questions as well as the easiest. In the same way, a chatbot can be functional at any time. This is one of the interests that push companies to use them.
In this case, we can mention the conversational agents Siri and Alexa, respectively adopted by Apple and Amazon companies. But there are also chatbots found on social networks (Telegram) and on websites.

Why use a chatbot ?

A chatbot can solve several problems encountered by all companies. First, it eliminates the constraints of working hours that exist between customers and the company. Moreover, it automates most of the actions performed by humans and allows in this case to maximize customer satisfaction.
Thus, a chatbot can answer thousands of people in record time while optimizing their satisfaction. That said, new chatbots are even more powerful and intelligent. As a result, some chatbots are now able to initiate a conversation. As far as users are concerned, there are still some doubts about how to optimize the satisfaction that a chat bot can bring.