Your curriculum vitae, the first step for finding a job.

Other / Sunday, May 2nd, 2021

You are currently looking for a job, and you don't know where to start. The first step in the job search is writing your resume, an important document that plays a big role in getting a job. We are dedicated to reminding you of the basics of writing a good resume.

The importance of having a good resume.

An extremely important document, the resume traces your academic and professional career from day one to the present. A well-written resume will score high points with your employer, for more tips check out this website A profile with a well-written resume, even if it's not long, will attract more attention than a poorly-written resume from a person with a lot of experience. For your job search, you must take about two hours to sit down in a quiet place to write the document that will make your case to the company.

Everything you should put in your resume.

Your resume must contain your personal information such as your name and contact information so that we can contact you. Your academic background should also appear on your resume as well as your professional experience if you have any. You can also highlight your hobbies if you are bilingual or speak more than one language, as well as your level in each language. Above all, be precise and clear.

Everything you should not put in your resume.

Don't lie about your skills or abilities, your academic or professional background, etc. It is compulsory not to lie on your resume. Also, it is important to avoid being long. A long resume does not necessarily mean that it is good, on the contrary, it can easily bother the employer if it contains unnecessary information. So, everything obvious and unnecessary should not appear on your resume.