Italian diplomat to DR assassinated after his convoy was attacked

The gruesome murder of an Italian diplomat in DR Congo has thrown the Italian nation into sadness. The Italian Prime Minister has demanded the killers must be fished out immediately. 

Italy diplomat killed in DR Congo 

 The Italian ambassador to Congo has been killed by rebels who attacked his car during a visit to a world food program in the Eastern region of the country. Ambassador Kuca Attanasio was a former cop who has worked with Italian foreign agencies before. He and his small convoy were ambushed when they were going to the town of Goma for a school feeding program. 

According to local sources, many passengers sustained severe degrees of injuries during the ambush. The governor of the region Cathy Nzanaza said the convoy was a six-man small team, and they didn't expect any attack. The region has been declared safe for some time after a scuffle between rebels and government forces broke out. 

No one has claimed responsibility for the crime, but local rangers say they heard shouts and engaged the rebels before they ran away into the Bush. A government source said it was unlikely they wanted to kill the ambassador because what usually involves ransom, that he might have been caught in a crossfire. 

Congo must produce the killers - Italy PM 

The Italian foreign minister Luigi said this was a sad day for the entire country and urged the government to fish out the killers. He also promised that any assistance needed will be provided. The borders in Dr. Congo are porous with much-armed militia moving freely for Rwanda and Uganda. 

The conflicts in this area have been going on for years, however, things have been. Peaceful for a while which promoted foreign agencies to send envoys to help displaced citizens for food and health care. This act will bring a heavy response from government forces who have been mandated to produce the killers soon.